Essential Care

At Essential Care, we understand that not all medical needs require lengthy hospital stays or complex interventions. That’s why we offer basic medical assistance with a focus on patient safety and comfort

Enhanced Care

Enhanced Care is designed for patients who require regular vital monitoring and nursing care without needing assistance in daily activities. Enhanced care service provides close attention and nursing care to ensure the health and well-being of our patients.

High-Dependency Care (HDC)

Our High-Dependency Care (HDC) offers compassionate care to patients who require constant medical attention and additional assistance in daily activities. We create a supportive and healing environment for those facing severe medical conditions or transitioning from hospital to home.

Home Intensive Care (HIC)

At Home Intensive Care (HIC), we provide advanced specialized medical interventions and exceptional support for critical patients requiring round the clock care. Our goal is not just to provide medical support , but also to foster hope and optimism during a challenging time.

Home Critical Care (HCC)

At Gerico Care’s Home Critical Care (HCC) unit, we provide highest level of medical support and critical care for patients in chronically sick conditions who need complete ICU setup at home. Our dedicated team of highly skilled professionals works tirelessly to monitor and optimize health while supporting emotional well-being.

COVID19 Care

COVID-19 patients requires a comprehensive approach to care. Our team provides personalized support and education on symptom management, medication management, and infection control measures. By empowering patients and reducing unnecessary exposure, we can effectively manage the disease while maintaining patient independence.

Heart Care

Our home-based heart care team takes a comprehensive approach to disease management. We work with patients to develop individualized intervention plans to address their specific care needs. Our focus is on reducing symptoms, preventing hospitalizations, managing medications, and promoting healthy lifestyle choices.

Hospice Care

At our hospice care agency, we understand the importance of compassionate end-of-life care. Our team works hand-in-hand with patients and their families to ensure comfort, safety, and dignity. We offer support with daily living activities, symptom management, and emotional support to help patients and families through this difficult time.


Individuals living with HIV/AIDS have unique care needs, and our team is equipped to provide specialized care at home. We offer medication management, monitoring, and education on disease management to help patients achieve optimal health outcomes. We also aim to promote emotional well-being and minimize social isolation.

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Care provides personalized home-based support, empowering individuals with CKD to effectively manage their condition and maintain independence in the comfort of their own homes.